Nikfam Research International Company (Ltd)

Nikfam is currently active in diverse fields related to the paint and resin industries including production of saturated polyester and amino-plast resins, implementation of relevant industrial plans, offering the technical know-how, commercial-technical consultancy, laboratory services, research and development, and also supply of a wide range of raw materials such as additives, solvents and special resins.

The company is founded by a number of experts with more than 30 years of experience at the highest level of Iran’s paint and resin industries.



Our major activity includes the supply of finished products. Our current products include saturated polyester and amino-plast (melamine-formaldehyde) resins. Nikfam’s product range also comprises a wide range of powder polyester resins for hybrid and TGIC systems. Additionally, we serve as the sole representative of a number of international manufacturing companies active in the field of paint and resin.


Nikfam Research International is at your disposal for a wide range of services as follows: